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A New Chapter

Yooo, my name is Nate Sargeant, and welcome to the website for Entruvia. That feels great to finally say/write.

This is a special moment for me, as it signifies a new chapter in my journey as a creator, and the journey of who I am.

A declarative action that shows a willingness and drive to initiate a new chapter in life.

A chapter where I more deeply embody my path and create new experiences, learn a myriad of new things, and ground into & actualize visions I have had for years, but continued to put on the backburner. A new chapter where I embrace my voice more fully and realign myself with the calling I feel in my heart.

It's been a process to come to this point after navigating and fumbling my way through full time self employment and years of burnout. Wherein lessons have been learned, challenges faced and overcome, and many accomplishments achieved.

The launch of this website is one of those accomplishments, and I'm making sure that I celebrate this moment. We can be our biggest critics, but also have the ability to be our biggest fans and supporters.

As above, so below.

The degrees of self judgement we can feel is only a contrasting mirror to the degrees of self love we can embody. Just takes an intimate faith in oneself.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel anxiety for this next chapter, because I've known in my heart that the trajectory of my path would lead to me putting myself more out there to be seen, which has been the antithesis of my identity for a long time.

I feel I unconsciously held myself back from my potential because of that fear.

Now through the mirrors of life, spanning from experiences had and the relationships in my life, I know that it's time to let go of that old narrative and step into a self that has been longing to fly free and live more fully.

So, this is me, with some anxiety present but also an abundance of joy and excitement. I am grateful to have you here.

There's still a bit to do for the website like getting the store set up, listing services I offer, and more. But, I gotta remind myself to take the sustainable small steps and let go of perfectionism.

With Love,


Here's me cheesin' by the river I am so blessed to live by, and to have this photo was taken by the wonderful Abby Goertzen

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