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About Entruvia

Born in the prairies of Alberta, Nathan Sargeant found great joy and novelty in creativity since childhood. From playing with his legos, dreaming up stories and building fantastic contraptions, to competing with his friends in video game making contests, there was a felt connection to mediums of expression and creative experimentation. Upon finally got his first computer, he unknowingly began down a path towards learning digital art, 3D animation, music production, and game design, where the childlike curiousity to dream and explore could thrive and expand.

Choosing to not attend post secondary education, Nathan spent his days working various jobs, and at the cost of a vibrant social life, spend most of his nights at home, seeing what creative adventures he could find.

Under his creative alias Entruvia, Nathan continues to follow the golden thread he found as a kid to create and work with others to bring life to artistic ideas with the intention of sharing spaces and experiences of meaning and novelty with others.


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